Special Purpose Machines

Due to customer demand, Key Plant has developed a leading team of people that specify, design and manufacture special turnkey installations.

These have ranged from small positioners for integration with welding robots to 500tonne capacity positioners with unique HMI controls. Large specialised welding machines have been developed alongside the customer so that exactly what is needed is delivered.

Key Plant have also designed and manufactured add-on components to standard machines for example, a 1500kgs positioner that can rotate at exactly 0.48465 rpm to a speed tolerance of ±0.01%.


Key Plant was the first to introduce a fully automated welding system for elliptical vessels. This included a specially developed column & boom that constantly repositioned the weld head to keep its position relative the circumference of the vessel being welded. Also supplied were specially adapted rotators.

A further control development has been for multiple submerged are control systems. This can operate up to 6 heads from one control station. The control is via a touch screen and has been economically designed to be completely initiative for operators and managers alike.

The system also comes with a touch screen hand held pendant for the operator to view weld data at the weld head and adjust settings "on the fly". The system can also be added to a company's other ethernet network, and management software run to view statistics of each days welding.

This list of special and turnkey installations supplied by Key Plant now number into the hundreds. Equipment has been sold to diverse sectors of industry such as Oil Exploration and Refining, Nuclear Industries, Aerospace, Defence, Steel Mills, Mining, Wind Tower Manufacture and almost everything in between.

Key Plant's commitment to work with our customers as partners in these projects, has established us as a world leader in the manufacture of turnkey welding automation systems.