Growing line, Fit Up Station & Automated Can Joining Systems


Key Plant's Can Joining Systems provide an economical solution for fitting up of cans in joining multiple sections to complete the manufacture of the vessel.

With individual motorised adjustment of each axis under load, the sections can be manipulated left, right, up, down (X, Y, Z axis) to join cans together. By adding numerous sections, the transition unit grows the pipe and continually pass it down the line.

The Key Plant Growing Line concept enables the customer to grow a vessel / tower that is heavier than the lifting capacity of their building and transfer it to another area.


  • Reduces time & cost
  • Increases productivity
  • Enables the building of cans with minimal use of the crane Ideal for Wind Towers, Offshore and Vessel Manufactures Safer Fit Up operation Reduces man hours
  • Ball Screw operation for smooth precision control
  • Master Slave configuration
  • No need to use Sprags or Wedges to align cans
  • No Hydraulics needed for Fit Up.